Sales Specialist (Internal Only)

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Oregon Lottery
INTERNAL EMPLOYEES ONLY -- You must be a current Lottery employee to apply for this position.
This position will be a REGULAR, FULL TIME position.
The Sales Specialist is responsible for initiating contact with Lottery retailers and communicating information to Lottery retailers on Scratch-it (SI) inventory and ordering, new SI games, promotional programs, sales campaigns, sales incentives, rule changes, and accounting issues while ensuring that these activities are handled properly. Further, each Sales Specialist is responsible for retailers in an assigned sales route area. The work includes, but is not limited to: organizing and maintaining an effective route coverage system; utilizing the ES Dashboard, Procall, and OrderPad systems to maintain accurate retailer information in the data base; selling traditional Lottery products; placing SI ticket orders; consulting retailers about their Lottery inventories; instructing and training retailers on ways to manage and sell Lottery products; and communicating daily with retailers to inquire about issues or problems, to discuss sales promotions, and/or policy changes. The Sales Specialist is also responsible for assisting Field Sales Representatives with questions and issues concerning SI tickets, packs, retailer inventory and orders.
Under general supervision from the Sales Development Manager, this position requires the ability to work independently and with others, within specific and general guidelines, while making decisions based on Retailer Operations procedures and policies. The work is directed by Management Directives, the Oregon Revised Statutes, the Oregon Administrative Rules, and the Retail Operations Manual which covers polices, procedures and guidelines.
1. Serve as a contact to Lottery retailers by providing administrative support services. Ensure services provided are done efficiently, effectively, and in a timely manner .
Typical Activities:
Directly impact Lottery sales by completing daily assigned telephone calls to retailers to help maintain proper SI inventory and place SI orders to maximize retailer ability and effectiveness in selling all SI products. Interpret and explain laws, statutes, and changes affecting retailers, upon request. Work with retailers and Field Sales Representatives to respond to their inquiries, issues or concerns related to Traditional Products, and relay information to the appropriate Lottery staff when necessary.
Notify retailers about new games and game ending dates, promotional programs, game inventory updates and other related activities, as needed. Maintain current retailer information and inventory statistics in Procall. Coordinate the return of unused game ending packets with field staff. Place retailer instant ticket orders and coordinate instant ticket shipping dates with Distribution. Track and resolve shipment problems with instant tickets issued to retailers including damaged, defective, missing, stolen, and mis-delivered tickets. Submit incident reports and notify the appropriate staff.
Assist retailers with resolving accounting problems by researching information, and contacting and/or sending information requested. Assist retailers with Lottery equipment, by telephone, using trouble shooting techniques to try and get equipment operational, or refer to the Lottery's dispatch service if field servicing or repair is needed.
2. Work with other Lottery staff to maximize sales, in accordance with the Lottery's mission and goals, and review and analyze sales reports to support Lottery retailer participation in programs .
Typical Activities:
Using ES Dashboard, Procall and OrderPad, initiate daily sales calls in a timely and effective manner to retailers. Market Lottery products, promotional programs and sales incentives by delivering motivating sales presentations which achieve retailer support of Lottery products and programs. Instruct and train retailers on ways to manage and sell all Lottery products and ensure that retailers are comfortable with their understanding of sales campaigns. Follow up to assure that new Lottery retailer SI inventories are adequate for opening day and that existing retailers have all necessary Lottery products and materials to be an effective Lottery retailer.
3. Maintain a working knowledge of Lottery policies, products and procedures to better assist retailers, and Lottery staff with Lottery games and activities, in an effective manner .
Typical Activities:
Maintain a complete knowledge and understanding of all Lottery policies, procedures, and products, in order to assist retailers, clerks, and Lottery staff. Maintain knowledge of Lottery staff and resources to enhance customer service to retailers when resolving issues, concerns, and problems.
4. Conduct additional administrative services which assist with Lottery sales activities and sales goals .
Typical Activities:
Meet weekly with telemarketing staff to prepare weekly sales script based on the monthly field planning calendar. Assist retailers, field staff, and Lottery staff with researching, analyzing, and resolving problems.
5. Keep in close communication with field sales staff, working in tandem to provide quality information and services to retailers .
6. Participate in special projects as needed.
The Sales Specialist interacts with Lottery staff and retailers to discuss Lottery games and products, and related activities. This is done in person, by telephone, or through electronic or written communication.
The work is usually performed in an office environment. However, infrequent travel may be required to attend statewide field meetings, conduct ride-alongs with field sales representatives, and to assist field staff with special projects and promotions, as needed.
Two years of experience as a representative of an agency or organization working with customers, reviewing and analyzing customer accounts, including advising and/or instructing customers concerning specific services or products.
Sales and training experience is desirable.
Working knowledge of Lottery systems, including ES Dashboard, Procall, and OrderPad is desirable.
Possession of a valid driver license.
Skill in using problem-solving methods; designing and applying customer account assessments and evaluation methods; and collecting and analyzing data.
Skill in analyzing general, statistical and technical reports; writing descriptive or persuasive materials; and responding to public inquiries on various issues.
Skill in communicating effectively, both orally and in writing, to a variety of audiences; and maintaining effective relationships with agency employees, retailers, and the public.
Skill in working on joint or cooperative projects, and coordinating several projects at once.
Skill in exercising independent judgment in making appropriate decisions concerning work methods and strategies; performing multiple or diversified tasks while working with conflicting priorities; and meeting deadlines.
Skill in operating a personal computer with a working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and database programs.
Demonstrated ability to learn, understand, interpret, and apply agency regulations, policies, and procedures.
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The results of this recruitment may be used to fill future vacancies.
The Oregon Lottery reserves the right to change, withdraw, close, or re-post job announcements as business needs dictate.
ORS 461.150 (5) states, "No person shall be employed by the state lottery who has been convicted of a felony or any gambling related offense." A background investigation is required prior to job offer which includes fingerprinting, criminal history, credit history (based on the position), tax records, driving record, affiliation with the gaming industry, and checking employment references and character references.
Lottery Ethics Policy prohibits employees from holding any legal or economic interest in the gaming industry. If you currently hold interest in the gaming industry this does not disqualify you from consideration in a position with the Lottery. If you are the successful applicant, you would need to dispose of the holdings prior to employment. (This does not apply to an investment in a mutual fund or a blind trust, or a time or demand deposit in a financial institution, shares in a credit union, the cash surrender value of life insurance, or American Indian tribal dividends.)
Salary level will be based on qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. All employees and members of their immediate family, regardless of where they live, are prohibited-by-law from playing Oregon Lottery games.
Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, persons with disabilities who believe they need reasonable accommodation, or help in order to apply for this position, may call or email oregon. .us
Per ORS 408.225, 408.230, and 408.235 relating to Veterans Preference for public employment, to receive Veterans Preference, include a copy of your DD214/DD215 or Veterans'' disability preference letter (unless information is included in the DD214/DD215) with your application material.
Date: 2014-05-08
Country: US
State: OR
City: Salem
Postal Code: 97301
Job Type: Regular Service Full-Time

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