Activities Assistant -- Farmington Square Salem

Company Name:
Radiant Senior Living
The Activities Assistant is responsible to plan, schedule and implement individual and group activities and socialization for residents, including those who are unable to leave their rooms or choose to stay in their rooms in assisted living, and special care. The Activities Assistant supervises the activities to ensure residents participate safely, appropriately utilizing mobility assist devices and encouraging movement as much as they are able. He/she must have a strong knowledge of dementia issues and is able to work with a wide variety of residents in various stages of illness. The ideal candidate has worked in a related field and has at least one year experience in planning social/recreational programs, preferably with residents with all levels of dementia in an Assisted Living or Long Term Care environment.This position is currently an On Call position with potential of going Fuul time. This position does include working weke-ends.The following is a representative list of duties and responsibilities associated with this position:
-- Assist in conducting and documenting residents' assessment
-- Assist and/or plans and implements individual and small group early dementia activities
-- Assist with: planning, scheduling, and implementation of a program of individual and group activities based on each resident's schedule and needs
-- Complete the activity component of the resident assessment within 48 hours of admission; reviews and updates the program as necessary
-- Document residents' activity and residents' response to individual and small group experiences daily
-- Carry out program of activities, which provides entertainment, intercommunication, exercise, relaxation, and diversion; as well as an opportunity to express creative talent, fulfill basic psychological, social and spiritual needs
-- Assist and encourage group outings as assigned
-- Assist residents to and from scheduled activities. Assist residents in using mobility assist devices safely
-- Assist in the organization and implementation of daily activities which include large and small group activities, and individualized programs which may include room visits and in-room activities for residents who are unable to leave their rooms
-- Assist in maintaining equipment in working and safe order; maintain activities room/area in neat order and in compliance with standards
-- Assist with training and monitoring volunteers
-- Ensure all residents are safe during any activity
-- Take appropriate action to have a safe activity space, safely designed activities, and safe interactions
-- Render immediate emergency response if needed
-- Work cooperatively with the Activities staff to maintain adequate materials to implement planned individual, in-room, and small group activities
-- Participate in in-service education and training, and outside professional development as needed to keep in current in trends
-- Maintain documentation of interaction with residents and their families, including assessment, participation/attendance record and progress in activity program
-- Ensure documentation meets required standards/regulations; and is timely
-- Perform other duties as assigned to assist in the quality of each resident's care

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