Senior Associate - Bilingual Recruiting & Marketing

Company Name:

Function and Key Duties & Responsibilities:

The Senior Associate/Bilingual Recruiting & Marketing's responsibility is to support the Hispanic Market sales and recruiting strategy. The Senior Associate role is to help build an incremental unit of successful Hispanic Market Agents with our client that contribute substantially to the overall growth of the General Office and the consumer Hispanic Market. The Senior Associate will engage the Hispanic
to drive sales and recruiting growth objectives.
This will include:
o Working with local management and the Home Office to build the Hispanic Market recruiting and marketing plans.
. Coordinating Home Office Recruiting and Marketing programs within the General Office.
o Working with Hispanic businesses, community ties, and professional organizations in all surrounding municipalities. One must be an active participant to leverage opportunities to market to their constituents.
o Identifying and executing all Hispanic market community affairs
where the General Office can actively participate for sales and recruiting lead generation.
o Manage local Hispanic recruiting and marketing event schedule and communications.
o Assist the Hispanic Market Unit (Home Office) to implement local corporate and
co-op branding initiatives to communicate a uniform message locally, and effectively leverage for sales and recruiting results.
o Disseminate Hispanic marketing materials for new agents i.e. Welcome Kit, Relationship Marketing System Materials (RMS), New Agent Brochures, etc. Work with new agents to enroll them in fast start initiatives, Company sponsored programs, and specific Hispanic marketing activities.

Required Qualifications:

- Excellent written and oral communication skills.
- Must have an in-depth understanding of the Hispanic culture and community
- Bilingual (English/Spanish) required, verbal and written.
- Portuguese a plus
- Above average technical skills (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
- Must be familiar with the areas surrounding the General Office and have existing relationships with local Hispanic market and community-based businesses and professional organizations and companies.
- Strong organizational skills, detail oriented.
- Insurance Field sales experience, a plus.

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